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We are absolutely thrilled and deeply grateful for your decision to contribute to our private server. Your interest in purchasing is a testament to your dedication and passion for the game and our community. It's because of players like you that we're able to maintain and improve the server, ensuring everyone has a top-notch gaming experience. Your support fuels our enthusiasm to provide a dynamic and engaging environment for all our players. Thank you for being an essential part of our community, and your generosity is genuinely appreciated. Your commitment to our private server doesn't just help us financially; it also strengthens the bonds within our community. We understand that purchasing is a choice, and we're humbled by your choice to invest in our server. Your contributions enable us to organize exciting events, implement essential updates, and create a thriving gaming atmosphere that keeps players coming back for more. Once again, thank you for your dedication, and we can't wait to continue this fantastic journey with you at our side.

Rate: 1$ : 1 Baldr Token

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Purchase Agreement:

Purchasing Policy

Users may support the server by purchasing at the website, and You may purchase from the server out of Your own free will.
Those who purchase (“purchasers”) must review and understand the Purchase Policy and Purchase Agreement.
Electing to make a purchase, and accepting the terms of your Purchase and Order.

You understand that Play Baldr International Currency and Cash Shop Items are virtual currencies and products and YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEY HAVE NO MONETARY VALUE AND CANNOT BE REDEEMED FOR MONEY, GOODS, OR OTHER ITEMS OF MONETARY VALUE.

Data Policy

The personal information you provide us during purchasing is used for our internal purposes only. Except as otherwise expressly permitted by this Agreement or as otherwise authorized by you, we will not give any of your personal information to any third party without your express approval.

Hack / Scam Case Policy

Hack cases or Item restoration requests due to hacking will never be entertained. It is the player's responsibility to protect his/her account. Beware of phishing websites as well and never give your account information to anyone.

Refund Policy

All Purchase fees are payable in advance, and are not refundable in whole or in part. As downloadable services or products (such as Play Baldr’s Cash or items) are deemed used promptly upon completion of purchase transaction, the Server will not process chargebacks for any reason.


  • When you include a streamer code in your purchase form, the corresponding streamer will receive a 5% equivalent of the amount that you donated for.
    • E.g. If you donate $100, you'll get 100 Baldr Tokens and the streamer will get 5 Baldr Tokens.
  • Streamer codes will only be recognized if they are included in the purchasing form that was sent to our email.

Below is the list of streamer codes that you can use to support our content creators:

  • ANDZ --- (https://playbaldr.pro/andz)
  • MsRiel --- (https://playbaldr.pro/MsRiel)
  • Jeriah --- (https://playbaldr.pro/Jeriah)
  • Dahyunism --- (https://playbaldr.pro/Dahyunism)
  • Chibilin --- (https://playbaldr.pro/Chibilin)
  • Sign --- (https://playbaldr.pro/Sign)
  • TheMontyu --- (https://playbaldr.pro/TheMontyu)
  • NekoNear --- (https://playbaldr.pro/NekoNear)
  • S3cret --- (https://playbaldr.pro/S3cret)
  • KuyaSalvi --- (https://playbaldr.pro/KuyaSalvi)
  • Crossman --- (https://playbaldr.pro/Crossman)
  • CloverTZ --- (https://playbaldr.pro/CloverTZ)
  • PanotGaming --- (https://playbaldr.pro/PanotGaming)
  • BeanySaur --- (https://playbaldr.pro/BeanySaur)
  • PandaaGaming --- (https://playbaldr.pro/PandaaGaming)
  • RadioActiveSushi --- (https://playbaldr.pro/RadioActiveSushi)
  • Kur1su --- (https://playbaldr.pro/Kur1su)
  • D1ABLONGBAOG --- (https://playbaldr.pro/D1ABLONGBAOG)
  • PandoyPlays --- (https://playbaldr.pro/PandoyPlays)
  • Acholsin --- (https://playbaldr.pro/Acholsin)

Conversion Rate

1 USD = 1 Baldr Token

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